• For many years we've been organizing nature photography workshops in the Netherlands and abroad.
    Our "one week workshops" can be an engaging addition to your hotel services and attract more guests in off-season.
    We will teach your guests to use their own camera equipment in more creative ways and how to organize and edit their own photos using Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop.

  • Maybe you are looking for a "one day private group workshop", educational and fun to do with your colleagues or clients.
    Understandably we cannot go as deep compared to the one week workshops, but we can teach the basics and even go outside to practice in a single day.

    Individual one on one workshops are also possible, at our office or at any other desired location.
    You'll get our undivided attention, that way we can focus 100% on the specifics you'd like to learn.

  • Please enquire about the possibilities.