Countries visited

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  • Austria

    Pictures made in beautiful Austria. Besides the famous alps, Austria has some very nice gorges too.

  • Belgium

    Our beloved neighbouring country. Crowded, but some amazing forests and moors can be found.

  • Egypt

    Photos made during our workshop in the Western Desert. Too hot for us, but an amazing experience.

  • France

    France has got it all. Gorgeous wild coastal areas, forest, mountains... Bretagne is our favorite province!

  • Germany

    Another beloved neighbouring country. Wonderful forests, mountains, vineyards and even a bit of coast in the North.

  • Italy

    Thusfar we only visited the Dolomites mountain region, great rugged scenery and interesting wildlife to be found there.

  • Norway

    One of our favorite countries. Due to the great diversity in landscape and wildlife. Get a taste of its variety right here.

  • Sweden

    This has to be our most favorite European country. If you, like us, love tranquility and diversity Sweden is the place to go.

  • The Netherlands

    Our home country, very flat with some interesting areas and architecture though. Oh, and lots of people...

  • United Kingdom

    The gorgeous scenery in Scotland reminds us of Norway. North-England is the place to be for seabirds.